Digital services for compulsory school

The City of Stockholm has put in place various digital services to help residents get in touch with the City. For example, you can use digital services to manage matters relating to compulsory school and wraparound care.

Söka skola (Apply for school)

To be able to use these digital services, you need a Swedish BankID.

You can use the digital service Söka skola to apply for municipal school and, in some cases, independent school. You can view a list of available schools in the digital service platform. You can:

  • apply for a school place
  • make changes to your application
  • receive admissions notices
  • confirm a school place and sign.

Admissions notices will be available to view in the digital service platform as of 25 March. You need to respond by 7 April.

If you have any questions about school places, the contact centre can help you.

There are various guides available on how to use the digital service Söka skola. They explain, for example, how to enter your email, how to login and how to respond to the admissions notice.

In Mina sidor you can change your contact details for the City’s digital services, for example Skolplattformen (the School platform). Up-to-date contact details are essential in order for you to be able to use the City’s digital services, such as Skolplattformen.

Through Skolplattformen, you can:

  • receive information about your child’s education and educational materials
  • receive information about your child’s education plan
  • view documentation relating to your child’s educational development
  • monitor your child’s recorded presence and absence
  • view your child’s timetable
  • receive information from your child’s school mentor (key person), class teacher, or school.

As a guardian, you need BankID to log in.

Skolplattformen as an app

You can use Skolplattformen on your mobile phone using an app. As a guardian, you need BankID to be able to log in.

Anmäl frånvaro (Report absence)

You can use the app Anmäl frånvaro to notify the school of your child’s absence. You need to register your mobile phone number in Mina sidor in order to use the app.

Apply for a wraparound care place

You can use this digital service to

  • track your case
  • accept or decline a wraparound care place
  • register or change your income details. 

Up until 1 April 2019, this service was known as Min barnomsorg.

Mina fakturor (My invoices)

The digital service Mina fakturor lets your view all of your invoices from the City of Stockholm.

Proficiency test for Adolf Fredrik’s Music School 

You can use the digital service Färdighetsprov (Proficiency test) to apply to Adolf Fredrik’s Music School for a proficiency test date. You can apply to both Adolf Fredrik’s Music School Farsta and Adolf Fredrik’s Music School Norrmalm.