This is Adolf Fredriks musikklasser

Adolf Fredriks musikklasser is an elementary school, from year 4, with a choir profile. The musical education is of a high international level.

You will have unforgettable experiences during your years in Adolf Fredriks musikklasser. Musical encounters with other students, choirs from other cultures, the professional music and cultural life.

Social media

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Applying to the school

You can apply to start at Adolf Fredriks musikklasser from year 4.

  • Year 4 has capacity to welcome 180 students.
  • Year 7 has capacity to welcome 12 additional students.

Admission to year 5–6 and 8–9 is possible if there are vacancies.

Musik lessons

After six years at Adolf Fredriks musikklasser you will have learnt more about

  • singing technique
  • musical theory
  • musical history
  • traditional and untraditional repetoire
  • concert performances.

You will have extraordinary musical experiences. Music is a vital part of the school with several hours of musical lessons, traditions, concerts and rehearsals.


Concerts are a big part of our choir profile. All our choirs have several concerts every term. Own events, collaborations or as hired artists. 


On the school premises, there are

  • music halls
  • sports centres
  • school library
  • café.

Teachers and other staff

The school has about 120 staff members organised in six teams. We hade 12 music teachers, all with special training in children's and youth choirs and conducting.

A deputy head master is responsible for each team. The classes consist of 30–32 students.