How to apply to the school

There are several steps for application and admission to the school.

Sign up for an entrance exam

You must register your child to do the entrance exam in the city's e-service Färdighetsprov. 

  • You must have Bank-ID to be able to use the e-service.
  • Enter your e-mail address to receive time and place for the entrance exam. 
  • Rank the Adolf Fredriks musikklasser schools that your child wants to apply to. The schools you have applied to will automatically be transferred to the city's e-service Söka skola.
  • You can register October 15th to November 15th, the year before your child would be able to begin at the school.

You can register with a form instead of the e-service if

  • your child's year of birth does nt match the grade
  • you can't register using Bank-ID.

Do an entrance exam

The entrance exam is in January.

  • Individual times for the your child's test will be sent to the email address given in your application. 
  • You will be able to see your child's bookings in the e-service.

Apply to the school

The e-service Söka skola opens January 15th. You can see Adolf Fredriks musikklasser among the schools that you have applied to.

Notification of admission

From 25th March on onwards you can log in to the e-service Söka skola and see if your child has been admitted or not.

  • Notication is shown in the e-service.
  • Your child may have been put on a waiting list even if the notification states "not admitted".
  • The city's Contact centre can anwers questions regarding the waiting list.
  • The waiting list is valid up to and including 31st December of the year that your child completed their entrance exam.