Admission with entrance exam

You are required to do an entrance exam to be considered for a place at the school. First, you participate in a group exercise. Then, you do an individual test.

The entrance exam takes place over two days. Note that attendance on both days is obligatory.

Group exercise

The group exercise take about 45 minutes. Group exercises are designed to help your child prepare for the individual test on day 2. The exercise is not assessed.  

  • You learn how the individual test works.
  • You sing several exercises with the group. 

In 2021, the group exercise is cancelled to reduce risk of infection of covid-19.

Individual test

The individual test lasts for about 12 minutes.

  • You meet two to five people that guides you trough the exercises of the test and listen to your singing. 
  • You sing the songs you have prepared for.

Prepare for your entrance exam

You prepare two compulsory songs and one song of your choice.